Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded + {Finally}

Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded
By: Kait Neese
Released: 07/30/2014


I like technology. I like clothes. I love my closet. Why can’t they mix?


Let’s be honest, so far wearable tech has been mostly geared towards the “geeky male”.


It is not pretty, it is not designer and it is still a little taboo.


But alas there may be hope not too far off in the distance. There are some awesome advances coming out with the various types of wearable watches and arm band-esque type tech right now.


While still in it’s infancy, Ringly, is one company I am really excited about.




I hope they continue to get the funding/brand awareness they deserve as they seem to absolutely get the female mentality in both their designs and functions.


The company’s mantra, had me at hello:


“Our core belief is that technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives”


Tech is not going anywhere anytime soon. If anything we are only going to see it creep into our lives more so as the future unfolds.


What I love is that Ringly is trying to incorporate tech into women’s everyday wardrobes so that they can enjoy the moment while still staying connected.


Personally I like the one way flow of the ring line coming out. You get your notifications so you are aware of what you have on your plate, without the stress and anxiety of having to reply right away.


I am a big believer in separation of space and the work/life balance.


I love the fact that with a Ringly ring you can’t type back or email anyone in that immediate instant. With the notifications to your finger (literally) you can plan accordingly for all of those after five work pings. All without being rude in social situations…


Don’t be the girl who whips out your phone in the middle of dinner with your boyfriend’s parents. Instead check you finger each time you sip your drink or glance at your hand.


According to the website’s, FAQ, Ringly is available for both iOS and Android. You can even customize notifications for certain people if you wanted.


For example, you can have it set to only light up when your significant other is calling.


A neat feature I saw was that to charge the ring, all you have to do is drop it back into its box. That seems pretty legit to me (and easy of course!)


Ringly appears to be in prelaunch mode, with each ring costing $145 on preorder. The price will go up to $195 once it ships in the fall.


I am eyeing the emerald version but it is already on back order. I guess that is a good thing though as I am in the middle of moving and my budget is quite tight. Ha lucky for the boyfriend (smile…)


If you have a Ringly, or any other wearable tech I would love to know your experiences before investing in my first piece. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch if you want to share your wearable tech stories!


– Kait Neese

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  • Shaina Wizov

    Omg this is SO cool!! I love that the ring looks like an actual ring and not a piece of technology. I want one too!