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02022015 - BrianOleary - Kait Neese - Digital Publishing Interview

Big Data & Books: Part 4 with Brian O’Leary

    Below is part four of our seven part series on Big Data & Books. Continue reading to see Brian O’Leary’s take on how digital is [...]

Big Data & Books: Part 2

  Big Data & Books: Part 2   An interview with Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of IPR License.   Premise: Publishing business [...]

Big Data & Books: Part 1

An interview with Kas Thomas. Publishing business models are changing. The information age is in full effect. Almost every machine in our life will soon [...]

Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded + {Finally}

Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded By: Kait Neese Released: 07/30/2014   I like technology. I like clothes. I love my closet. Why can’t they [...]

10 Online Tools (you haven’t heard of yet)

This is an online tool list for tips on new tech to try out for total syncage across devices and maximum efficiency. I am an online tool fanatic #fact. I [...]

Search Person Optimization (SPO) Definition

The term Search Person Optimization (SPO) was created by Kait Neese on January 30th, 2014. This initial overview provides the basic concept definition as [...]

PR exposure (Author Edition)

You don’t need to be a PR guru or expert to properly pitch media outlets.   See below for my author tutorial on how to write the ideal intro email [...]