PR exposure (Author Edition)

You don’t need to be a PR guru or expert to properly pitch media outlets.


See below for my author tutorial on how to write the ideal intro email (or pitch) to media outlets. Simple, direct and a no time wasted explanation.




When looking to get exposure for your book, it is imperative to first to understand how the receiving side (the media outlets) think and operate.

Media outlets get swarmed with 100’s of emails and facebook messages every day from authors, musicians and actors just like you.

So the question becomes how do you stand out?

Simple. Be simple! A proposal that is short, brief and under one page is what you want to achieve. A pitch that is easily scannable, on topic and professional is a great strategy.

Below are the bullet point items of what to include when pitching your book to media outlets.


Author Formula To Use When Pitching Media Outlets:


  • Open with 2 -3 sentences, introducing who you are, your book(s) and what you want from the person you are contacting (i.e. to be a guest blogger on their site, to get an interview, to be considered for future segments on a podcast, etc.)
  • Add 3 – 5 bullet points about why your book or platform is relevant, compelling, and timely.
  • Add 1-2 sentences about why you’re expertly positioned to be talking about this genre to this specific media outlet.
  • Insert a brief author bio with your high-level accomplishments (to reinforce you are a legit, less risky solution) and your availability.
  • Close your pitch with the ways for people to reach you. Include your email, phone, skype, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin information and more. More is better as you never know what communication platform that particular person prefers and it is your job to make it as easy as possible for this person to work with you.


I continually find that authors who follow this short, simple, but to the point formula get the access they are looking for when approaching media outlets.

Now go forth and pitch those media outlets! I hope the above was helpful and feel free to send in your success stories, tips or final drafts to comment on. I love helping authors help themselves and am always standing by for anyone who wants to get in touch.


Good luck!


Kait Neese
Twitter: @KaitNeese