Matthew Carter: My life in typefaces (TED VIDEO)

Ted Talk:  My life in typefaces

Speaker: Matthew Carter

View TED Video:  Matthew Carter – My Life in Typefaces – TED VIDEO


What I liked:


- 18 spacing units to 1000 spacing units (before + today.)

- The meeting of technology and design.

- Just as the meaning behind the words you choose is important so is the type face (i.e. the font you pick.)

- 2 years to create, pixel by pixel.

- Worked for AT&T (designed the font for the phone book, yes the phone book.)

- 1980’s = when vectors came out.

- Font stores data?

- He was beaten in speed by technology once and he still created san serif and serif fonts.

- It then became about aesthetics, the art.

- Absorbed into the typographic mainstream.


Favorite Quotes:

“Type is very adaptable and it hides its methods.”

“It has a function, to read.”


Overall: I found this one to be pretty intriguing. It brought publishing down to the microscopic level, the DNA of each word choice. Mr. Carter is an artist. There is a desire for tinkering and learning here which could generally be applied many situations.


Verdict: For 16 minutes of your online time? Do it.