Letters to Myself – November 21st, 2012

I was thumbing through an old journal of mine and came across the post below. It made me chuckle a little so I thought I would share.

Here you go a glimpse into the mind of a publishing professional in the making! (Or so I like to think smile)

November 21st 2012:


feel really good today because I got everything done I needed to before I leave. Now I can spend tomorrow with Zach (the boyfriend) without distractions.

I packed my suitcase, carry on and purse. I got my travel docs squared away. I ordered the print materials for Guadalajara AND I got the laundry done…

I guess its the small things in life that matter most!

– Kait

  • http://www.kevinmarshnovels.co.uk Kevin Marsh

    Hello Kait,

    Sounds like you had your priorities sorted! :-)

    • http://www.kaitneese.com admin

      I’m tring smile! Sometimes its harder then I realize! Have a great day :)