02022015 - BrianOleary - Kait Neese - Digital Publishing Interview

Big Data & Books: Part 4 with Brian O’Leary

    Below is part four of our seven part series on Big Data & Books. Continue reading to see Brian O’Leary’s take on how digital is [...]

Big Data & Books: Part 2

  Big Data & Books: Part 2   An interview with Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of IPR License.   Premise: Publishing business [...]

Big Data & Books: Part 1

An interview with Kas Thomas. Publishing business models are changing. The information age is in full effect. Almost every machine in our life will soon [...]

Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded + {Finally}

Wearable Tech + Fashion Minded By: Kait Neese Released: 07/30/2014   I like technology. I like clothes. I love my closet. Why can’t they [...]
Kait Neese Self-Publishing Expert

Matthew Carter: My life in typefaces (TED VIDEO)

Ted Talk:  My life in typefaces Speaker: Matthew Carter View TED Video:  Matthew Carter - My Life in Typefaces - TED VIDEO   What I [...]

10 Online Tools (you haven’t heard of yet)

This is an online tool list for tips on new tech to try out for total syncage across devices and maximum efficiency. I am an online tool fanatic #fact. I [...]

Diary of a Book Fair Junkie (Video)

Who doesn't love a good book fair? Here is a short video montage of my travels over the last 4 years attending various book fairs on behalf of my company [...]

Search Person Optimization (SPO) Definition

The term Search Person Optimization (SPO) was created by Kait Neese on January 30th, 2014. This initial overview provides the basic concept definition as [...]
SPO vs SEO - Kait Neese - Self-Publishing Expert

It’s not SEO it’s SPO. Search Person Optimization.

SPO vs. SEO We have all heard search engine optimization is becoming obsolete more than once or twice. The debate on it's future relevance is still [...]

They are Old, I am New and Digital is the Future of Publishing (Duh)

Below is an excerpt from my Goodreads group discussing the continued debate between the "Self-Published" vs. "Traditionally Published" argument. I love [...]