10 Online Tools (you haven’t heard of yet)

KaitNeese-10-Online-Tools-New-07142014This is an online tool list for tips on new tech to try out for total syncage across devices and maximum efficiency.

I am an online tool fanatic #fact.

I obsess over finding new ways to make my digital life flow just a bit smoother #fact.

I am in heaven when I can type on my computer, walk into the kitchen and then finish the write-up on my phone #fact.

Each tool in this list has the capacity to let me hop seamlessly from device to device.

What I love is that these life savers below bridge the gap for that invisible dimension of making the traditional boss man happy while also allowing me to run my operations with my team in the cloud.

Get ready to salivate…. Happy downloading!

I use these tools for...stream my files, emails, notes and graphics  across my iPhone, Galaxy Note, iPad mini, iPad 3, desktop and remote desktop server (RDP).





10 Online Tools That Nobody Knows About (Yet)…

  1. Toggle: A free time tracking tool for clients with apps you can download on all devices for tracking hours logged on the go.
  2. Canva.com: Picmonkey but more for posters. Free to download and exports in printer ready files (i.e. 300 dpi). It’s awesome and one of my favorites.
  3. Pixlar Express: Free photo editing app that let’s you add text to picture before sharing from your mobile devices. Doesn’t have the limitations you find with instagram, picstich or shapely.
  4. Jing: Hands down the most amazing screen capture share tool ever.
  5. Join.me: More consistent and flexible version of Skype for sharing screens while talking.
  6. IFTTT: syncing accounts to create automatic backups, lists or groups. The new ipad app is killer.
  7. SignNow: Free document signature app that let’s you handle legal grade contracts with minimal restrictions. Works across all of your devices and in every file format. File formats are reason alone to download this app.*Note: I tried docusign but the limitations on the free version were too limiting.
  8. Disqus: Most used comment plugin for WordPress and blocking spam web form entries (without some sort of filter you will literally get hundreds of spam comments.)
  9. Buffer: Sharing posts to Twitter, Linkedin, FB and more with tracking/analytics and from your phone, browser or ipad.
  10. Just Unfollow: An app that helps you jump start your twitter presence and let’s you see who unfollowed you, copy followers from other people you like in your niche and find people who follow certain hashtags.
    *Tip: Use professionally + daily versus the all at once approach (that looks spammy)

I hope the above list was helpful and full of new online tools to try that you haven’t seen a hundred times. I would love to know how these work for you so please feel free to comment below or ask questions!

Remember, I’m online tool obsessed smile.

– Kait Neese

  • Alicia Emamdee

    I learned something new today! Great info! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • http://www.philiptolhurst.co.uk Philip Tolhurst

    I use plugg.io and Twitonomy with twitter over and above just unfollow.

  • Jerry Hampton

    Thanks so much! I am so far behind. More research is necessary. lol

  • Sherrill S. Cannon

    Thanks (I think)… Looks like a great Alzheimer’s test… Who needs Lumosity? (LOL)

  • RebeccaEmin

    This is a really useful post. Thank you for sharing.

  • http://Litasbookblog.com Adelita Madrigal

    I have used Pixlar Express, but before that I’d found PicsArt and use it all the time. Also, join.me was something I just stumbled upon awhile back and really find it better than Skype, although not many people know of it and so I use Skype regardless. Really great post, now I’m just gonna check all those other tools you mentioned. :]

  • Elia

    All this tips are awsome!
    Thank you!!! I have to try them in my device!

  • Nick Reichert

    I like Buffer but wish the free version had more queue slots. I also use Just Unfollow – it’s great.

  • http://kaitneese.com/ Kait Neese

    Love Canva :)

  • Shaina Wizov

    I’m a huge fan of Canva! I’m so glad you introduced me to it